Monday, April 25, 2011

Picking Up in the Middle

I've been trying to keep everyone updated on our family's journey through foster and adoption via e-mail, but I'm always worried I missed someone so I think this may be easier.  If you are just now reading our story, let me catch you up a bit.  I am the Queen Bee at our house.  I have been married to an absolutely wonderful man I'll refer to as Mr. Awesome (Mr. A for short) for 6 years.  I have 2 boys (3 years and 1 year)- Thing1 and Thing2.  I also have a 3 month old foster daughter Princess O.  Our house is rarely quiet, but always interesting.  1 year ago God started prompting Mr. A and me to research foster/adoption options resulting in getting our foster care license in November.  Princess O is our first placement.  She came to us 6 days old straight from the hospital.  Praise the Lord she is healthy, growing, and strong despite everything she has been through.  She is an amazing answer to prayer.
So, here we are today.  I am in a place today that I never dreamed I would be a year ago.  I seem to be saying that alot through this journey.  This last week has been a little crazy in our family.  My van broke down in the Med Center on Wednesday night.  We had to have it towed on Thursday.  Our mechanic was closed on Good Friday, so he is not able to get to it until today.  So, that means CPS had to find transportation for Princess O's visit with her mom on Friday (and would have to for today as well).  Since the case aide seems to have a schedule that takes her all over the Houston-Galveston area Princess O's actual caseworker was the transporter on Friday.  We've always been on fairly ok terms, but it's been a slow learning process for me in knowing how to take her.  We had a really good conversation on Friday about Princess O's mom as well as just getting to know each other better.  In this specific court that the case is in most moms get their babies back early in the process- even 30 to 60 days into the process.  O will be 4 months in 2 weeks and she is still with us.  O's mom is doing everything asked of her and so much more.  The problem is that she cannot apply things she reads to real life unless she is physically shown, and even then it is difficult for her to remember- scary thought when I think about Princess O.  Neither CPS or O's ad Litem are ready for O to go home.  But I think everyone can see how unfair it is that Mom is watching these other women who are very early in treatment and not working their programs like she has get their babies back.  She is very discouraged.  She is even trying to re-enroll into the same program that these other moms are in that seems to be able to convince the judge to reunify the children sooner- never mind that CPS has to continue to remove these babies because the reunification is too early.  My heart is broken for Mom in a way I didn't think it would be.  I cannot imagine life without my children- knowing someone else is raising them.  I want to help her however we can.  I always thought fostering would be about protecting the kids, loving only the kids.  I was so wrong.  We have been given a unique opportunity to love the mom.  Although strong boundaries still exist as they should, I have renewed motivation to pray and pray and pray for her.  I have more motivation to be sure she gets pictures and updates on her baby as often as we can.  I have a new perspective of her, and while it will break our hearts for Princess O to return to her, there will also be something close to joy for the mom.  God has been faithful to protect this precious package, and we will pray fervently that He will continue to protect her.  I am not naive enough to think that if she goes life will be what we could have provided, but we are trusting God's divine wisdom and protection through all of this.  That said, no we don't know when or even if she will go home to her mom, but CPS and even the ad Litem are preparing us for that to happen.
How you can pray for our family this week:

  • Mr. A rides in the Dallas MS this weekend. Pray for safety and endurance.  Pray also that his back does well on this ride.
  • Pray for Thing1 and Thing2 as they each develop their independence. Ok, maybe pray for me as they each gain their independence! Lol!
  • Pray that I would clearly see opportunities to share God's love this week and that I would boldly take them.
  • Pray for Princess O as she continues to grow.  I am seeing some very slight residual effects from her exposure, which isn't uncommon just keeps me always watching.
  • Pray for those involved with this case.  We ask for wisdom and discernment in each decision made.  Pray for the judge, O's ad Litem (attorney), CPS caseworker, Mom's attorney, Mom's rehab workers that will be determining when to push to have the baby back, biological dad, and O's grandmother.
  • Pray for Mom.  First and foremost that she would come to know Christ in an intimate and personal way and let Him fill every need she has.  That she would remain highly motivated to make herself ready for Princess O's return.


  1. Oh, my goodness! you are quite a woman. God has dealt with your heart....mother-to-mother.....and given you compassion enough to see the other side, a side that few would concern themselves with, but instead, harshly judge. I am blessed by your story and will remember you in my prayers as you continue to spread the love of Christ into the life of a forgotten mom that is dying inside.
    Princess O is indeed a kiss from God!

  2. We need more people like you in our foster systems. I love you're story & will keep reading and praying. We definately need to have a cofee night! Miss you soooo much, Queen Bee! :)

  3. I'm so happy to see this! I've been wanting to call you to catch up. With my two and your three, it may not be possible! But at least I can keep up with you here. Thank you for giving me specific ways to pray.

  4. So proud of you two and for your daily steps of faith! Thank you for the lessons in humbleness, obiedence, unconditional love, mercy and seeking God that we see in your journey.