Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

PrincessA is as good as ours! Both parents' rights were terminated today.  We have known since Monday that the case was heading toward termination (one prayer request answered, praise the Lord!).  We were not sure that placement back at Grandma's or the out of state family member were not options until this morning (another answered prayer!).
I sent an email to a few close friends asking for an extra covering of prayer this morning.  I had immediate responses that we were covered.  30 minutes after sending the e-mail MrA entered the courtroom and met the DA.  When she found out who he was she told him they (I guess as in everyone on the case) love us and are so glad PrincessA is with us- what an affirmation! During roll call (where they list all of the cases on the docket for the day) the DA said that the State was asking for termination TODAY!  I think MrA about jumped out of his skin.  We knew that it was headed that way, but not this soon.  I got to the courtroom 45 minutes later at which point the CPS supervisor introduced herself and let us know that there are no family options for placement and that we have every reason to believe that we will be able to adopt her.  The birth family did not show up all day, and contacted their attorney asking for the hearing to be rescheduled.  For a little while we were disappointed that this wasn't going to happen after all.
Speed forward to 2:45 pm when the case actually went to trial.  All of my Boston Legal training came in handy here.  Mom's attorney motioned for a continuance. The DA objected as this was just another example of birthmom's lack of involvement.  The judge overruled the motion since sufficient notice of the hearing date had been given.  The only witness called was the CPS supervisor.  The case was established for termination.  The judge ruled termination.  A history of the case was given.  We were heartbroken to hear the conditions this precious baby was living in.  Everyone that had entered the home had never seen her dressed.  She was always in her crib.  She was not happy and did not show a wide array of emotions.  We do not know how long or consistently she was on formula.  We found out even more of the dangers in the grandmother's home.  We are grateful that God has protected her.  The ad Litem submitted a picture of her Nanny had taken to be a part of the court file.  The judge showed everyone in the courtroom and said the picture told him everything he needed to know.  He then asked if everyone was satisfied with the current placement (our home).  Yes.  Does the foster family want to continue the placement?  Yes.  Is the foster family interested in adoption? YES!
So, at this point the case will go to the adoption unit of CPS.  We could finalize as early as this summer, but it may take longer.  A big hurdle was jumped today.  We are so excited!
Thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement.  I truly felt them today.

Ways you can pray for our family:

  • Join us in praising God for his protection, provision, abundant grace, and faithfulness.
  • Pray for the birth family this month as they find out the results of the hearing.  So many things these young people and their extended family will not understand because they are trapped in a vicious cycle.  Thank you, Lord, that PrincessA is being given the opportunity to break the cycle!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Hooray, hooray, hooray!! So excited for you guys! Heartbreaking to hear her former circumstances, and SO glad she's on the road to being yours!

  2. Wahoo! Our God is an awesome God. So happy for you and your family. Will continue to keep you guys in our prayers.

  3. God is SO GOOD! Our family will continue to pray for your family and the birth family.