Tuesday, May 10, 2011


First things first, Thing1 is better from last week's strep, and Thing2 and Princess O (along with Mr. A and I) are still strep free.  Yea!  Princess O had her 4 month well baby check-up yesterday.  She is moving up on the growth charts- 12.05 lbs and 23 inches long.  She is healthy, happy, and developmentally on target.  Praise the Lord!
In an effort to keep this blog genuine and transparent, I decided to write a post on a day that is not so positive for me.  Since Friday we have found out that Princess O's case has changed caseworkers- change #4.  From my conversation with her previous caseworker this new one may be interesting.  She is fresh out of college (although  I think a little older than me) and has just been transferred to this unit.  My phone conversation with her was polite, but time will tell how it will go.  I'm all about people gaining experience in their professions, but am a little irritated that we seem to keep getting the newbies.  Apparently Princess O's mom is not thrilled with the case change either.  Then I get an e-mail about Friday's parent visit with complaints that the mom had.  I know it is the caseworker's obligation to communicate those to me, and had I been an objective person reading her e-mail I would have seen it and moved on.  I, however, was not objective when I read it, and am irritated.  The complaints were minor, but not accurate, and I don't know where this caseworker was to help her see the inaccuracies.  The previous caseworker went into vague details about the hearing last week and Mom's progress.  Although she is doing the right things on paper, she seems to be merely going through the motions and applying nothing.
Now you may understand more of my irritation.  Really?  I am loving and raising your child.  It is obvious that she is taken care of very well.  Yet you are going to find anything to complain about.  My head knows all of the right answers: 1) it makes sense for her to find things wrong with the baby that reflect me if she is having bad days in court; 2) it really doesn't matter what she thinks, I know Princess O is getting the best care I can give her; 3) I have to get over it.  My heart, however, is throwing a temper tantrum that I am not in control, and that I am facing criticism (neither of which I've ever been very good at accepting gracefully).
So, here I am tonight, needing to be 3 for just a minute.  I will grow-up in the morning.  God has been faithful and will continue to be so.  Please know that we cherish your prayers!
Here's how you can pray for us this week:

  • Pray that my heart catches up with my head quickly.
  • Pray that everyone in our house stays healthy.
  • Pray for Princess O's mom stops just going through the motions.  That she would not use talk about God because she thinks that's what people want to hear.  Continue to pray that she would seek a personal relationship with Christ.

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