Monday, May 16, 2011

One Step Forward

So today has been a little hectic.  Up at 5 to exercise.  Frantic text from Mr. A at 5:45 (oops, I forgot to turn my ringer on so I missed the frantic call) to come home because the Princess was hungry and crying and he was very sick.  So out with the plan to pick up milk and immediate grocery needs on my way home.  Fed Princess O and Thing1 woke up, got dressed, and threw a fit because he couldn't find his shoe.  Thing2 woke up happy so I dressed him and took him to the store while Princess O dozed in the swing and Thing1 got distracted with PBSKids (don't judge- you weren't here).  Thing2 then screamed through the entire trip in the store because I refused to drive the car buggy.  I was in a hurry and those stinking carts are hard to push.  Got home, unloaded Mr. A's Gatorade and saltines, loaded other 2 children, and got them to the sitter's house by 7:30.  Then I went to work- which I don't think I've ever been quite as excited to do.  The day did get better, but by this time any little irritant made me even more frustrated.  Oh, and I missed Bunco.  Sigh...But I had a lovely evening with my children.  I think that God knew above anything I needed to see my children talking to each other, playing, and laughing.  Sweet balm to my raw nerves.
I've been mulling over my latest conversation with Princess O's ad Litem I had on Friday.  She confirmed that things are going downhill.  She has been very disappointed that birthmom has been virtually unable to learn any mothering skills and has even gone so far as to say that on the rare occasion that she has had a 2 hour visit she gets bored.  BORED?  Really?  You see your child 3 hours a week and you are bored?  There are times during the day that I have to force myself to get up and do things because I could just sit and look and talk to Princess O all day long.  I just don't understand.  On Friday when I dropped Princess O off for her visit birthmom asked if I liked the new diaper bag better than the old one (which I don't. It's a huge hobo style bag that is hard to find anything in).  You child lives with me and all you want to know from me is if I like the stupid bag?  Again, I just don't understand.
So, even in the face of my crazy mixed-up day, I am writing this tonight incredibly grateful for my sweet babies.  Thing1's imagination amazes me everyday.  Thing2 is described by Mr. A as a blender with no lid.  That insatiable curiosity keeps me on my toes and laughing.  Princess O is always ready with a smile and coo. Boring is not an adjective I would use to describe my children. Lol
Way you can pray:

  • Pray that Mr. A's virus leaves quickly
  • Pray that Princess O's congestion would go away
  • Pray that Thing1 and Thing2 continue to discover what good friends they have in each other
  • Pray that I dwell on the positive no matter what
  • Pray for Princess O's birthmom that she would make choices that are best for Princess O
  • Pray for the new caseworker as she, birthmom, and me are still trying to figure each other out.

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