Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living in the Land of Germs

2nd weekend in June niece's birthday party (so much fun!).  That Sunday left for a great vacation with Princess O living in respite heaven in the blessed air conditioning.  Wednesday came home.  Friday Mr. A was diagnosed with strep.  Saturday nephew's birthday party at Chuck E.'s house then I was diagnosed with strep.  Thing1 living in the Land of Yes with my parents.  Thing2 and Princess O keeping things hopping at our house.  Monday exchanged e-mails with both CPS and the ad Litem (it's rarely a good thing that the ad Litem must be included).  I had voiced a concern that when birthmom puts tiny rubber bands and barrettes throughout Princess O's hair the baby pulls them out which then makes them choking hazards.  Fair concern, right?  CPS response?  Birthmom is concerned that the Princess's hair is too dry.  Then preceded to educate me on using baby oil gel in her hair to keep it moisturized.  This has never come up before. Why wasn't this concern address on Friday when I asked after the visit, "Did Mom have any concerns?"  The response I received was, "No, everything was fine."  I don't really believe that all that much happened from Friday to Monday.   I simply responded that I am addressing the moisture concern, and have been.  Baby oil dries out her hair (low and behold all of my research has supported this finding as well).  The products birthmom has sent home in the visit bag I have been advised not to use as they are not natural products and are too old for her.  Hmm...so what am I going to do?  What would anyone with common sense expect me to do?  Do I placate a woman who cannot make healthy decisions for her or her child?  Or do I do what is best for the baby, because that is what matters- not making birthmom happy.  And another thing, could someone please explain to me why the appropriate response when I voice a potential safety hazard is to come back with "her hair is too dry?"  What does that have to do with the possibility that she will choke?  So, birthmom is concerned that her hair is too dry so she puts it in tiny ponytails all over her head to make it more moisturized?  Ok, while she's doing that she is also stretching her scalp, fostering increased breakage, and causing pain when Princess O rips the rubber bands from her head.  Yet the lovely caseworker doesn't seem in the least to get any of it or care or I'm not sure.  But, I can play the game.  One quick call to the ad Litem makes me feel better (well, kind of through the fever that came back tonight).  At least I know that I have been heard even if nothing can be done about it.
The positives in the frustration?  The only thing they can find wrong is that I don't do hair the way they would. Princess O's ad Litem is fabulous and does what she says.  Our Child Placing Agency is very supportive and doing what they can to protect me.  I am learning to pick my battles and being reminded that my priority is my family- regardless of my desire to have no one upset with me.  God continues to give us daily opportunities to share His love with our children and complete strangers that we meet.  Even at the minor care clinic in HEB I was able to share a tiny part of His work in our lives with the PA that took care of me.  Big fat reminder for me in the middle of the chaos- there is a purpose to all of the madness.  It's not about me and my frustrations, it's about sharing His love with as many people as we can for His glory.
Ways you can pray:
  • That my fever would go away completely.
  • That all of the kids stay healthy.
  • That we would be sensitive to God's direction is the battles we fight, and that He would season our speech with love, mercy, and kindness.
  • That those involved in the case would concentrate on the important things and use wisdom in the decisions they make.
  • That birthmom would come to know Jesus as the only one that can fill the void.
"Make your own attitude that of Christ Jesus..." Philipians 2:5-11 (trying to hold strong to this this week)

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  1. LOVE it! Love you, Princess O, Thing 1&2, and Mr. A! You are true examples of Gods love. You guys continue to persevere even on the days your attacked from every direction, never doubting God's plan. You AMazE me! Love you to the moon and back a hundred times!