Friday, July 29, 2011

It just gets more interesting!

I guess I posted my last post a tad prematurely.  Our agency found out that all of the changes have occurred because Birthmom was dropped from drug court.  I don't know what exactly this means for Birthmom or us right now.  I do know that outside of drug court there is less support for Birthmom.  I was also told by 2 caseworkers that our chances for adoption increase greatly if she is dropped.  Keep praying!


  1. All summer I've been helping an 18-yr-old girl who has been back with her mother for a year, after 7 years of foster care. During the last year, they've moved several times, living off of other people's charity. Their homes are not filled with love, and this girl doesn't know what a "normal" family is. I'm praying that--whatever the outcome regarding adoption--this does not happen to Princess O. I'm so glad you're here for her at the very beginning of her life!