Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Join us in fasting for the Princess

Hey folks, Mr. A is taking over the blog for just one night, with permission from my beautiful bride.  For those of you who only know us from this blog, let me inform you that our family believes in God, and in the power of prayer.  We know several of you are praying for our family now, and we appreciate it!

I am asking you to take an additional step with us next week.  I would like to ask you to fast with us on Monday, September 12 for Princess O.  We have received news this week that O's birth uncle has completed his home study, once the home study is accepted by CPS  (and we have no reason to believe it will not be), he will have higher legal authority to adopt her than we will.

We know a little bit about the uncle, and from what we have seen, he seems like a descent guy.  My lovely wife and I had a conversation tonight, and we concluded that we did not become foster parents to steal a baby away from a loving home where she would be safe; we became foster parents to love a child who had no other safe place to be.

What is fasting?  A time where you set aside something important to you, usually food, and when you feel your physical body yearning for what you gave up, you spend that time focusing on prayer and repentance before God.  This is usually a very private time between you and God, and is not something you inform others you are participating in (See Matthew 6:16-18), but there are times in the Bible where rulers, prophets and God's people asked for others to join them in a public fast (See Ezra 8:21-23, Neh. 1:4-11, Jonah 3:5-7)

Why Monday? No special reason, there is nothing special we know of occurring Monday, so if Monday does not work for you and you would like to pray with us we would be honored if would fast on a day that works for you.

What we are praying for:

  • God would strengthen Princess O, and help her develop past the issues the birth mother caused in Pregnancy.
  • That God would work in the life of the birth mother and give her the strength and the will to move past the habits that have had her child removed.
  • That God would let us know if we should fight, and if we should surrender.
  • That God would prepare Princess O's uncle for the realities of Single Parenthood, and that he would seriously consider what he is signing up for before he makes a final decision.
  • That if the Birth mother does not have the strength and will to move beyond her habits, and if the uncle does get custody, that he would have the wisdom to keep Princess O at a safe distance from her.
  • That God would prepare Princess O's eventual home to receive her warmly, lovingly and safely. Whether that home be ours, the birth mothers, or the uncle's. 
  • That our Biological sons would understand that Princess O may have to leave soon, and that they will never be forced away from our family.
  • That if Princess O is removed, that God prepare our home for the next child he would bring to us, and that child would be kept safe from harm.
  • If Princess O is to be reunited with her family, that the next child who will be staying with us would know that despite whatever hellish conditions they are enduring now, that there is an all powerful God who loves them and protects them, and they can talk to him any time about anything.
Notice that we are not specifically asking God to keep her in our home, we want her to be safe, and loved. We knew when we became foster parents that there was a chance we would fall in love and experience pain, if that is God's will we surrender to it.

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  1. Love you guys and your honest hearts. Praying for God's will above our own is in some ways the hardest and yet, always the best. {{hugs}}