Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yet Another Turn of Events- I'm Dizzy!

Wow.  There is no other word to describe today.  Mr. A called me before 8:00 this morning to let me know he had been in a car accident.  This makes number 5 in 2 years.  I think.  Eventually you lose count.  His carpool buddy went the doctor with a hurt neck, Mr. A went to the doctor with a hurt back (again), and the car is only going to need a replaced bumper for a scratch.  Praise the Lord there wasn't more damage/injury!  I cancelled PrincessO's visit with her birth mom today.  Well, actually I said someone was more than welcome to come get her, or I could reschedule for a very specific time frame on Thursday, or they could come get her another day.  They decided just to cancel and have her visit as scheduled next week.  One less stress in light of an already stressful day.
I've said before that God has blessed us with amazing friends.  One such special friend offered to keep the kiddos so I could run by the grocery store by myself.  On our way to her house I got a call from our agency.  They informed me that we are now on the "short list" for potential unrelated adoptive families.  We knew that her placement had been broadcasted earlier in August and that a "long list" had been created.  We knew that we were on that list.  Our caseworker said that if it went that way she didn't see why we wouldn't get her.  But, the birth uncle came around and we have figured our chances were slim (an impression given to us by CPS).  We also know that we did not make the "short list" initially.  Our agency found out, made a few phone calls, and we were put on the list.  So, one of the things our agency was trying to figure out is how we were left off of the list.  They asked me about our relationship with PrincessO's ad Litem (which is great, thankfully).  They figure that it is an issue on the CPS side.  Either our brand new caseworker, or the one before, or something we don't know/understand.  I made it clear that everyone that comes to our home is told that it is our intention to adopt the Princess should that become an adoption.  We don't know about the status of the uncle.  We don't know if he is still pursuing custody.  We don't know if they would pursue unrelated adoption if he was an option.  What we do know is that there is a meeting next Wednesday to decide who will be the family CPS pursues for unrelated adoption.  This is good news!
To be honest, though, I am having a hard time completely embracing this good news.  I'm sure it has to do with the stress of the last couple of weeks.  It also has to do with the fact that every time I start to get my hopes up something else happens.  But, I can totally see God's hand in the life of my family right now.  I am confident that God is blessing us even in the middle of the stress and hard stuff.  He has heard our prayers and will continue to listen and answer them.  To those of you that have prayed so faithfully for my family, thank you!  We feel and see the power of your prayers on a daily basis.
Here is how you can pray over the next week:

  • Pray for my sanity.  With Mr. A's back hurting and our busy life, I need some peace and patience.
  • We begin a Bible study on Sunday night at our home geared to people that are or are interested in foster/adoption.  There are no groups in our immediate area for foster parents to come together, so we hope to be that.  So far there are 4 families, not counting ours, that have committed to come.  Pray that we begin to build relationships and are able to minister to each other's needs.
  • Pray for Thing1 and Thing2 that God would prepare their hearts for whatever changes are coming.
  • Pray for Mr. A that God would bring relief to his pain.
  • Pray for those involved in the decision making process for Princess O- judge, ad Litem, our agency, and CPS caseworker and supervisors.  We are asking that they use wisdom in the decisions they are making, and that they would place PrincessO's best interest at the highest priority.
  • I need to make contact with the ad Litem asap.  Pray that we are able to connect quickly.  Pray also that her schedule is free and that nothing keeps her from attending the meeting on next Wednesday to advocate for PrincessO.
  • Pray for PrincessO's birth mom.  Pray that she find fulfillment in Christ alone.
  • Pray for the rest of PrincessO's birth family that they would make decisions that are healthy for the birth mom and PrincessO.
"But the Lord is faithful; he will make you strong and guard you from the evil one." 2 Thessalonians 3:3

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