Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Praise the Lord!

Yesterday I posted that this had been a crazy week, and it's only Tuesday.  Today I think I need to amend that post to say that it has been a crazy blessing week, and it's only Wednesday!  

We visited PrincessO!  She has grown so big and is standing by herself.  Her uncle is truly a man of character and strength.  He has not only taken her in, but her 12 year-old sister too.  So, he has a baby and a pre-teen.  I don't know that I would wish that on anyone!  He is learning quickly and really trying to do what is best by them.  We took Thing1 with us and we all had so much fun playing with her.  This was not a end, but a beginning.  The uncle invited us to visit anytime.

Monday came with terrible storms (thank you, Lord, for the rain).  Yet, not having watched the weather to see how bad it was to get I took off a couple of hours from work to take the Princess to a grandma visit.  On the way back the bottom fell out again.  I was going to exit before I crossed the toll bridge to wait it out, but missed the exit.  Kind of committed then.  I made it back to the day care, but no further since the roads were flooding quickly.  Thing2 began a fear of thunder, so it was good that I got to see him and help calm him (although, not sure how effective that was).  But we were all safe and relatively dry.

Mr.A agreed to let me have 2 ladies help clean the house once a month.  This was the first day they came, and I have decided that they are the good fairies.  My house is so clean!!!  CPS and PrincessA's ad Litem also made visits.  Both visits went very well.  I think taking the princess out of her former home helped them really see how much she wasn't growing.  (Starting last Friday bathtime has been going leaps and bounds better.  She learned to splash in the water Tuesday night.  Saturday she took 3 steps by herself.  Monday she signed "more" independently.  She is making messes all of the time- taking dishes out of the dishwasher, pulling puzzle pieces out all over the floor- yes, I'm excited about this right now.)

Mr.A attended the special hearing.  Oh the stories he came back with!  It should have been on TV.  Grandma has completed her CPS "To-Do" list for her house to her own standards.  Thankfully, those standards are not CPS's right now.  Both CPS and the ad Litem said very complimentary things about our home.  That feels really different since before CPS always had something that I needed to change.  A home study for a relative in another state was ordered.  No one knew that relative's address, so I'm not sure how good of a lead it will be.  The bottom line is that the judge ordered PrincessA to remain in our home until at least April (the next hearing) unless he personally signs off on the removal based on the amount of progress she is making in our home and the not-up-to-standards quality of work done in grandma's home.

Ways you can pray:
  • Join us in our prayers of thanksgiving and praise for all of our many blessings this week!  There is no one to give the glory except our God who sees and provides!
  • Pray for Grandma and Birthmom.  Pray that they begin to make healthy decisions for themselves and PrincessA.
  • Continue to pray for wisdom and discernment on the parts of CPS, the ad Litem, Birthmom's lawyer, and the judge.
  • Pray for PrincessA to continue to grow strong, healthy, and happy.
  • Pray for Thing2's health- he is one unhappy camper right now with a sore throat.

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  1. Hooray for all the blessings! And hooray for the good fairies!! That's a HUGE blessing! Thanks for the update, and so glad to hear about PrincessO. I think about her often.

    I love the things that PrincessA can do now. We're kind of in the same boat: James is getting into all kinds of things, and it's great! He's also hitting a bit of separation anxiety, and I love it! I love seeing him do things that are developmentally appropriate, if slightly inconvenient. I know you feel the same way about your princess.