Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In the Land of the Living

I know it's a huge surprise, but germs attacked our house last week...again.  Thing1 had strep for the first time since this summer.  PrincessA had stomach issues on and off again all week as well as a constantly running nose. Mr.A had a milestone birthday and the stomach flu on the same day.  Thing2 stayed well- that was unusual.  During all of the sickness on Thursday CPS called needing to make a home visit.  Really?  Today?  At least I got a phone call and 30 minutes to run around like a mad woman getting the house ready versus my sister who got a true surprise visit from CPS this week (literally just showed up at her door).  Our caseworker is on medical leave (again), so the case has been temporarily transitioned back to the caseworker that covered at placement.  I explained all of the amazing growth that has taken place.  She is a completely different child than even a month ago.  Thank you, Lord, for the amazing growth she continues to have!
Then she asked me how family visits were going?  Visits? What visits?  We have had a grand total of 2.  She has not seen her grandmother since before the hearing in January.  She has not seen her parents since the beginning of December.  The 1 visit that had been scheduled for February got rescheduled by the grandmother, and then canceled because of the change in caseworkers.  The caseworker said she wanted my side of visits because when she removed the princess the grandmother said they would have to see her often because she has never been apart from family.  I asked if the family had been calling trying to see her (PrincessO's mom called to the point of driving the caseworkers batty trying to see her baby).  The answer was no.  Even now I tear up thinking about how the ones that should love her most aren't showing that they even want to see her.  My bonding has been incredibly different this time than last time, but I can't wait to see her each morning when she wakes up, think about her often throughout the day, and am excited to see her smile when I pick her up from day care.  I know there are all kinds of explanations about why they aren't seeking contact.  Explanations about the level of education/parenting skills they have, their own past experiences, etc.  Right now what it looks like is very sad.
Does this mean there is a better chance of her staying with us?  We don't know.  The other family member out of state has been contacted, but a home study has not been completed.  We are still focusing on loving day to day.
Thank you for caring about our family enough to follow this, and keep praying!

Ways you can pray:

  • That PrincessA's immune system gets stronger so that she can better fight all the normal day care germs.
  • For the people involved in making decisions on her case (CPS, judge, ad Litem).  Pray for wisdom and good decision making.
  • For the continued bonding process for PrincessA and Mr.A and myself.

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