Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Update

We have just finished a Christmas season of incredible blessing even in the midst of chaos.  Thing1 showed symptoms of mono the Sunday before Christmas.  Within that week Thing1 was officially diagnosed, Thing2 got an ear infection, PrincessA got a sinus infection, ear infection, and was on breathing treatments, and I had a miserable allergy attack.  Even so, all were well by Christmas Eve.  This was also the first day we could really say the Princess was really happy.  We had a fun Christmas with Mr.A's family Christmas Day.  The next week extra travel was approved so that I could take all of the kids to my parents so I could go on a special date with my dad.  PrincessA found a favorite with my sister.  I've not seen her fall in love with someone as quickly as she did with AuntJen.  That week we also heard from PrincessO's uncle.  He send Christmas pictures of her.  She was beautiful and happy.  After a crazy 2 weeks we are home and back into routine.
PrincessA has totally blossomed in the last 2 weeks.  As I write this post she is sitting at my feet emptying a box of puzzle pieces, putting them on her head, and spreading them around the floor.  Ordinarily I would be a little irritated, but having her explore her environment is worth picking up the mess right now.  She is talking constantly- babbling and imitating words we say.  Today was her first day of day care (ever).  Both Mr.A and I were apprehensive at how she would react to all of the new.  She did fabulous!  I am so excited about how much that interaction is going to help her grow.  Bedtime and naptime have gotten much easier- almost normal.  My only concern is her reaction to bathtime.  Let me just say that it is less than fun.
She will have 4 visits a month (2 with parents, 2 with grandma).  We have a meeting tomorrow to discuss her plan in care.  I'm hoping to express some serious concerns about her reaction to baths as well as the obvious lack of stimulation she has had in her previous placement.

Ways you can pray:
  • Please offer thanks and praise with us for the contact we've had with PrincessO, progress PrincessA is making, smooth adjustment our boys are making, and a fabulous first day of day care.
  • Pray for our treatment planning meeting tomorrow.  That both our agency caseworker and CPS caseworker are present and that my concerns are taken seriously.
  • Pray for PrincessA's continued adjustment and development.  We want to help her little heart discover joy.
  • Pray for PrincessA's parents and grandma.  Pray that they would make healthy choices for the baby- even if those choices are very difficult.  We are hoping for some selflessness in the midst of what has been incredible selfishness.
  • Pray for Mr.A and myself that we would have continued good health and cope with the increased stress of a placement gracefully with each other.

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