Thursday, December 15, 2011

The long wait was not quite so long.

I have been trying to write this post for 6 days now, but life has once again been turned upside down.  We have a new addition as of 5:00 pm last Friday.  PrincessA is a beautiful 13 month old who is getting comfy in our family.  We got the call from CPS about 1 1/2 hours before they dropped her off. Surprise!  The weekend was rough, but every day she is acclimating better.  We have gone from no sleep and hours of screaming to a normal bedtime routine.  Today we had a great nap time.  She smiles more each day.  She came with great development, except she didn't really know how to play. In our house of toys it was sad that she didn't really interact with any of them other than to taste them.  She's a quick study, though.  She has been watching the boys, who have enjoyed entertaining, and is now playing up a storm.  Today she even pointed to body parts on a baby doll and kissed it!  She is also going to give the boys a run for their money with talking.
We have been told not to expect adoption, but that she will probably be with us some months.  Her case opened in June, so they have until next June to accomplish their goals.  She comes to us from grandma.  Once the house is safe or mom meets her goals she will leave us.  I do think someone has been loving her because she is healthy, came clean, and eats table food (even veggies!).  I am learning this year at work and in other places that some parents really do love with all that they can, but sometimes it just isn't enough.
In my last post I mentioned that my sister and her husband got their first placement.  This week the birthmom relinquished her rights.  They are now pursuing adoption.  Praise the Lord!

Ways you can pray for our family:

  • Pray for PrincessA's continued adjustment as well as ours.
  • For PrincessA's family as they work hard to get her back and spend Christmas without her.
  • Even now to prepare our hearts for the eventual separation- that we would love completely and let go when it is time.
  • For my sister, her husband, 2 boys, and precious baby girl as they continue down their adoption journey.

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