Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still Waiting

Patience is not our forte.  Mr.A called our agency yesterday to make sure that we are doing everything we can do to get a placement (without changing things like age of child we can accept or being unrealistic about how far I can transport for visits).  The problem is not us...well it is, but not in a way we can control.  With the budget cuts in our state CPS took a hit too.  So, they are pushing kinship and fictive kinship placements more than they used to.  Don't get me wrong, if a family member is able and willing a child should stay in his/her family if possible.  However, I just don't know that if these family members weren't suitable before the budget cuts what makes them suitable now.  The other issue our agency said was that we have been turned down for placement several times because the caseworkers don't want to drive to our town.  Give me a break!  We have also heard that even though CPS in our county is supposed to spread out placements they are overloading their own homes so they don't have to pay an agency fee.  That said, I refuse to give up our agency as they really helped me deal with all of the issues that came up with PrincessO.  The CPS office in my sister's area are placing kids as far as 3 and 4 hours away because they are hurting for homes.  She told her caseworker that we would be willing to take a child from their area (at less than 1/2 that distance!).  The caseworker said that they avoid our county at all costs because it is too complicated here.  So, we continue to wait...

No, we have not heard from PrincessO.  Thing1 and my sweet-hearted nephew keep reminding of the forever mark she left on our family, though.  Both of them wrote that they were thankful for her on their "Thankful Leaves" at  Thanksgiving.  Thing1 continues to ask to be the one to pray for her.  My nephew is loving his new sister while sharing memories of his cousin, PrincessO, with my sister and mom.  These sweet boys remind us too why we are traveling down this road instead of other roads we could travel (such as have another biological child).  God has given us deep longings in our hearts to open our lives to children that have no where else to go.  It's not simply about us wanting to have more children.  It's about sharing God's love and His abundance in our lives with others.  Foster care is one of the ways we believe God wants us to do that.

On another note, my sister and brother-in-law welcomed their first foster placement into their home on Saturday.  PrincessR is a tiny bundle of cute!

Ways you can pray for our family:

  • Pray for PrincessO- for her development and her family's continued adjustment.
  • For our family as we wait for God's timing.  We are not very good at waiting, but have no choice right now.  That we would also not miss opportunities to share God's love just because we are waiting for a baby to live with us.
  • For the child(ren) that will come into our home- for their growth and protection physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.
  • For the people that make placement decisions- that they would make decisions that are the best for the child, not just the budget.
  • For PrincessR and my sister's family as they adjust to all of the changes a new baby brings.

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