Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...Still Waiting...

2012 has come and gone.  It has been an amazing year!  PrincessA has grown in ways I never would have dreamed when she entered our home a year ago.  She is not even the same child!  The boys have grown-up and are quickly becoming little men.  During waking hours my house is filled with superhero stories being acted out, baby dolls being fed and rocked, and the occasional scream of protest when someone's space has been invaded.  MrA survived yet another round of lay-offs in his company (rumored to be huge, but was actually very small)- praise the Lord!  He will also be moving to a different position within the company in February- one that he thinks he will enjoy more.  In the Spring he also participated in a MS-150 bike ride (rode 150 miles in 2 days).  And I have kept my head above water!  Well, I've done better than that most days.  This year I rediscovered how much I adore serving with my husband.  We are both busy separately and with the kids, but this year we have done even more together.  To end the year He instigated a clothing drive for a local children's home in our area.  At first I was a little overwhelmed since he did this right before Christmas and he wanted to sort everything before we took it to the home.  In the end we go an amazing response from friends and our church family.  Such an amazing response that we were able to purchase a new pair of shoes for every child there.  Who doesn't love to shoe shop?!  We went with all 3 kids and Academy was very helpful.  It was such a neat way to serve as a family. I love my family, and the place that God has us in right now!

Where are we? We are still waiting.  Waiting for the adoption prep department to accept PrincessA's file, waiting to know what will come next for our growing family, waiting, waiting, waiting.  This may sound like a bad thing, but right now it's ok.  I've been praying for a long time that God would help me enjoy the journey- not get caught up in the end.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to have resolution to PrincessA's case.  I would love to have everything mapped out for us.  But adoption finalization or not changes nothing about our family in this moment.  We don't need a judge to tell us we are a family- we've figured out that part.  As for the map, if I got the map I would think I was in control.  I think that too much as it is, so I'm trying to let God keep the map for us and trust Him to guide us in decisions we make for our family.

I hope that the beginning of 2013 has you as excited about what God is going to do in your family as we are about His plans for ours!

So, how can you pray for us in 2013?
-Pray that we continue to find a healthy balance within our family
-That we are observant to where God is leading us and trust in His timing
-For our health (PrincessA had RSV and Pneumonia right before Christmas, Thing2 had double ear infections at Christmas, and I had a horrible chest cold the whole week of Christmas)
-For action and wisdom of those involved with the case (CPS, ad Litem, Judge, our Agency)

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