Sunday, July 10, 2011

Go Away Tiny Yucky Germs!

Yes, we have strep throat running rampant in our house for the second time in a month.  Mr. A and Thing1 succumbed on Friday.  I held out until this evening.  Grr.  We will know for sure if Thing1 has/had strep on Monday when the culture gets back.  Thing2 and Princess O have been protected thus far.  This would be our family's MO, though.  Thing2 has a birthday party next Saturday.  Thing1 and Thing2 have been sick on each of their birthdays in the last year.
I cannot believe my little Thing2 will be 2 on Saturday.  He is such a blessing!  We have most certainly entered the 2s.  This stage is living up to it's name, but is so much fun too.  He is constantly imitating Thing1, but also finding likes/dislikes of his own.
Princess O reached for me when I went to pick her up twice yesterday!  Such a great feeling!  Her diaper rash is gone!  At her 6 month check-up on Thursday she weighed 15 lbs 7 oz.  Such a little chunk!  She is also 2 feet long.  I love Princess O's pediatrician!  She wrote a letter for me stating all of the common sense things that I have had to "fight" with CPS.  I didn't submit it to CPS, but it's there in case.  That is empowering for me.
Mr. A attended the status hearing on Thursday.  He corrected the CPS caseworker in front of the judge about ECI (she stated that services were still occurring never-mind that I sent a scanned copy of the discharge report right before court that the ad Litem was able to access prior to the hearing starting as well as told her by mouth twice in the last month).  Needless to say I don't think she was very thrilled with him (hehe).  The ad Litem also called on him to give a report on how the Princess is doing developmentally.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  Nothing changed- Princess O stays with us for now, the long term goal for CPS is family reunification (baby going back to birthmom), and the judge told birthmom to find a better paying job.  Birthmom's response was that she had applied at several fast food restaurants, but didn't think they had called her back because she has to do drug rehab things 3 days a week.  Really?  Has she not heard of the evening or night shift?  Yes, the night shift will probably not work great with a baby, but it's a start.
Mr. A also told me about a mom that had been given (by the judge the week before) the task of writing a letter to each of her children in care about why they are in care and why she chose drugs over them.  After reviewing the letters the judge handed them back to her and instructed her to read the letters to the court.  She struggled to hold it together.  She told her children that she loves them, misses them, thinks about holding them, is so sorry she has made poor choices, and is sorry they are having to stay with strangers.  After she finished she broke down.  As she turned back to the judge he looked her in the eye and with a stone cold face told her, "If you don't stop doing what you're doing I will have no problem leaving your children with those strangers."  Wow.  That made me think about my own choices and how they effect my kids.  It made me remember that I am a stranger to this family.  Because of her poor choices, birthmom has had to had her precious baby to someone that she might stand behind in the check-out line at WalMart.  Yes, it was her poor choices.  Yes, I stay aggravated with her on a regular basis.  But Princess O is her heart.  I see it every time I see her pick her up.  That in no way means I want Princess O to go back with her, but my mommy heart can't help but feel for her.
This week will most likely involve more frustrations, stress, and possible set-backs, but I am trying to remember Philippians 4:5-6, "Let your graciousness be known to everyone.  The Lord is near.  Don't worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God."
Ways you can pray:

  • The germs need to leave!!
  • Pray that I would be gracious, and not worry.
  • Thing1 and Thing2 are taking swim lessons for a second week.  Pray for their stamina as they keep learning.
  • Pray for those involved with the case- for discernment and wisdom- making decisions.  I would really like a caseworker reassignment, but to a better caseworker.  If that is not God's will I want the grace and strength to continue to deal with this one.
  • Princess O's continued growth and development.

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  1. I am so proud of you. First, that you have opened your home and family and self to these frustrations, and second, that you have allowed us to see it--all for the sake of a beautiful little girl you didn't even know before you decided to do this. I knew I picked a good friend when I picked you. :)