Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prayers needed today

I am writing to you from my parents' house in Fruit City.  This is my first visit with the kids this summer, and it is entirely too short.  Tomorrow morning we will go home so that I can go to a permanency conference for Princess O.  For those not up on all of the meetings, procedures, and CPS terminology a permanency conference (pc) is a meeting of anyone involved with the case minus the judge.  The progress of the parents and the baby is discussed.  Goals for the next time frame are set.  Yes, my stomach is in knots.  There have been some developments that could make things go south for birthmom very quickly.  Our caseworker with our agency has tried to be very helpful, but really more annoyed me (and probably CPS) the week because she got confused and acted before she sorted things out.  A treatment planning meeting (a meeting scheduled by our agency at my house that includes our agency, me, CPS, and maybe the ad Litem) was scheduled for Friday.  It has been scheduled for 4 weeks.  Now it has been rescheduled for Wednesday so that the CPS supervisor can attend.  I don't think that is common, but what do I know.  Does this mean that she is there more for the caseworker's inexperience or is this considered a problem case?  I know without a doubt that I have done nothing to get dinged for, yet that doesn't always matter.  Remembering that God is in total control. 
On a different note, Mr. A's company is going to have more lay-offs this week (or so the rumor goes).  This is the 3rd of 4th round in the last 2 years.  God has protected his job so far, and Mr. A doesn't seem to think it is in grave danger now.  But, you still don't know until after it's over.  Even though it will be scary for him to lose his job, God will be faithful to continue to provide for our family. 
I will post again this weekend after the pc.
How you can pray for our family on Thursday (well, I guess that's today since it's 12:00 am):
  • Job security/provision for Mr. A.
  • Safe travel for the kids and me as we go home tomorrow.
  • Peace as I go to the pc tomorrow at 4:00 pm.  That I would have the wisdom and boldness to speak when I need to, and the wisdom to know when to just listen.  Pray that my words and actions would honor God every step of the way tomorrow.
  • Wisdom for everyone involved with this case (us, our agency, CPS, the ad Litem, birthmom, birthmom's attorney, the judge, birthmom's counselors) that good will come from the pc, and that any potential hostility would be kept at bay.

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