Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where's the Calgon???

First, an update.  Today was Birthmom's goodbye visit- her last opportunity to see PrincessA.  She didn't show.  We are hoping that this will go a long way when it comes time to hear the appeal.  Even though this is hopefully a positive for us to be able to keep her, I am still so sad.  Sad for PrincessA that by all appearances no one cared to say goodbye.  Sad for Birthmom that she didn't jump at every single opportunity to see her precious child.  I don't know why no one came; all I know is that they didn't.

Now, in the midst of the CPS craziness you know that we are having some remodeling done in our home.  We've never had major work done in our home- boy was I unprepared!  I am trying my very hardest to take it as it comes.  In some of the most stressful moments I am seeing how if I was on the outside looking in I would be literally rolling on the floor laughing.  So, for those of you that may need a hearty laugh (or at the very least a smile), I thought I would chronicle some of the best worst moments so far.  This is not complaining- I know quite well how blessed we are to be able to have some things fixed and be provided for in the generous way we have been provided for.  It's still stressful, and hilarious.

Contractor calls me at work to say that we are really not going to want to come home with 3 children since all of our furniture downstairs in pushed to middle of the rooms and we still have no working kitchen.  So, our incredible insurance adjuster finds us the only room in our town that will hold all of us (we have ALOT of hotels in our area, but they are all full).  After I pick up the kids from day care we go to check into the hotel.  I grab the diapers, plastic potty (Thing2 refuses to go in anything else, and we were making great progress this week), my computer, and children and head to the elevator.  Thing1 happily presses any button that needs pressing.  Thing2 tries to bolt down the hall as he is deathly afraid of elevators.  PrincessA figures she should be crying too.  With the finger I have free I grab Thing2 and pull him into the elevator while telling Thing1 to grab the Princess.  We get to the room, and it's like I have 3 children that have each been given a full can of Mountain Dew.  Thing1 was jumping (yes, JUMPING) from the bed to the couch to the floor then back again.  Thing2 and PrincessA found the telephone.  The boys can reach the light switches.  All 3 discover the air conditioner.  The boys are find the buttons, naturally.  The Princess was deathly afraid of it.  And the big question begins: "Can we go swimming?"  No, tonight is church.  We will go tomorrow.  Then it is back to the elevator to go meet Mr.A for dinner and go to church.  This time Thing2 and PrincessA are still afraid, but Thing1 zeros in on the "In case of fire" sign.  He asks why there is fire.  I explain that it says IF there is a fire we have to use the stairs.  Onto the elevator we go.  At each floor the elevator buzzes.  Guess what it kind of sounds like- that's right, a fire alarm.  Thing1 jumps around the elevator crying that there is a fire.  Now I have all 3 going berserk, and we've only made it to the 2nd floor!  All I knew to do was stand there and laugh.  It was stressfully funny. Lol.  The upside of frequent elevator trips?  When we got back on to go up for the night Thing2 looked at me and said, "I'm not scared anymore! Elevators are fun!"  Go figure.  "Are we going swimming tomorrow?"

6:30 am- "Are we going swimming today?"  Mr.A was a good man and brought the children some Fruit Loops to snack on until I was ready to go downstairs to breakfast.  A little sugar I can handle.  We hit the breakfast room, and the front desk lady who rightfully thinks my children are so cute offers them donuts.  Gee, thanks.  By the time we were finished with breakfast the boys were spinning in circles.  "Are we going swimming when Daddy gets home?"  In an effort to find things to keep us busy since the walls of our one room "suite" seem to close in fast we went to get the Things' hair cut, went to Wal Mart, then had lunch with a friend.  This wonderful friend let the boys nap at her house while I took PrincessA to her visit that didn't happen.  "Are we going swimming when Daddy gets home?"  I pick the boys up.  "Are we going swimming when Daddy gets home?"  We eat dinner.  "I want to go swimming! I want to go swimming!"  We go to our room and get dressed.  "Let's go! Let's go!"  Mr.A called down to make sure it was opened.  The front desk lady said it wasn't.  The tears begin.  I suggested that they go down and just see if they can get in.  They did.  About 5 minutes passed and I hear them come back down the hall crying.  They were not crying because the pool was closed.  They were crying because they flipped out when they could go in the room.  Thing1's reason?  There wasn't anyone in there.  Seriously?  I'm all excited to go swimming and they melt down?  Are you kidding me?!  Mr.A finally gets Thing2 and PrincessA to the pool.  It takes another 20 minutes for me to get Thing1 to stop screaming like he was dying and onto the elevator.  We get there and he tries to bolt from the room.  Thing2 sat in a chair while the rest of us swam.  PrincessA was quite happy.  Thing1 took about 10 minutes then decided it was not torture to be swimming.  The children are now sleeping- sigh.

More adventures to come!
Please keep praying!

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  1. Yes, that did make me smile, thanks! :)

    It breaks my heart to hear about Birthmom. :( I think about you often! Maybe when your house is a little calmer, and school is out, we can actually set up a Skype date!